OPWeb Offers Even More Functionality


OPWeb – the online remote management system for Sound Leisure jukeboxes has a number of exciting new features.

OPWeb is designed to give operators complete visibility and control over
their online jukeboxes by accessing live
and historical data. Operators will now be able to access information on their VHub jukeboxes as well.

“We have put a lot of work into improving the interface on OPWeb in order to make it more intuitive. We have added prompts to advise operators and also increased the amount of ‘help’ screens that can be accessed,” says Sound Leisure’s Chris Black. “We are pleased that OPWeb is now available to VHub operators as well, as existing users find it an extremely valuable resource.”

OPWeb users can securely access individual Site Data including jukebox income, Play Data to see what music is being picked, Updates to check on the latest releases and Music Profile to ensure that the right settings have been placed on the jukebox.

Now, operators can save a site’s settings onto their local hard drive from wherever they may be. Operators can also reboot the jukebox remotely – a feature which alone is likely to save a great deal of time and money. “There have been a number of occasions where jukebox engineers have advised someone at the pub to switch the jukebox off and back on again in order to solve a problem. The person claims to have done so, however, when the engineer makes the journey to the pub and reboots the jukebox they find that the problem is solved. This feature will save those wasted journeys,” says Soundnet’s James Luck.

Playlists are now child’s play using OPWeb – if an operator wants to create a dedicated playlist for a themed evening they can do so online and save it to any number of their online enabled jukeboxes on their estate.

“OPWeb is an operator’s best friend. It even allows this full access on a smart phone so calls could be done on the move. It allows operators to make those tweaks to price of play or music tempo that are so important to the site in a matter of seconds. In addition, it will do away with unnecessary and expensive journeys to the site to carry out simple repairs or adjustments,” concludes James. “Thanks to the new functionality, we believe it is yet another strong inducement for operators to take their jukebox estate online.”


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